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Customers with SLA

All customers with valid SLA contract may enjoy various advantages in support. Each contract is different based on the practical needs of individual customer and his project. Following are examples of parameters which might be requested by customer

  • Support availability – needed when guarantee of response is required during office hours, after office hours, during night time, weekends or holidays
  • Third party system support – needed when scope of support should cover also third party systems not supplied by Tech-Store
  • Coverage of support out of standard scope – needed when it is required to provide support for cases which are not usually covered by standard support, such as out-of-warranty diagnostics, troubleshooting of third party systems, occasional system reconfiguration, or others
  • Preventive maintenance – needed when the maximum effort should be done to make sure mission critical or even non-critical systems must keep running without a failure
  • Software maintenance – needed when customer requires guarantee of software updates availability, either minor or major version updates
  • Extended warranty – needed when warranty period for supplied products should be extended beyond its standard terms
  • Guaranteed time fix or recovery – needed when the fix of some specific category of problems must be guaranteed to be fixed within predefined time-frame
  • Maximum time for warranty claims – needed when it must be guaranteed that the maximum length of time for diagnostics, repair or replacement should not follow standard procedures or rules for shipments of RMA goods to manufacturer but should be processed with highest priority
  • Spare parts availability – needed when hot stand by spare parts must be kept by Tech-Store for case of eventual urgent replacement
  • Dedicated support engineer – needed when it is necessary to dedicate specific personnel to provide permanent support from reasons of security requirements or particular know-how holding
  • Dedicated contact – needed when unified communication channel for support requests should be used, either phone number or email address or both
  • Access to ticketing system – needed for single interface of communication and track keeping for all support requests

Please, contact our representatives if you wish to have specific conditions for any of the parameters above for your particular project varying from default terms and conditions fro support, maintenance and warranty.

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