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 TECH-STORE Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
20 Puchong Gateway,
Jalan Suria Puchong 6,
Pusat Perniagaan Suria Puchong,
47110 Puchong,
Selangor Darul Ehsan

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  • Tech-Store support personnel is here for you
    Tech-Store support specialists are here for you

Welcome to the Tech-Store Support Website

Our supporting team provides following services on-site or off-site

  • System troubleshooting, analysis and optimization
  • Project related system testing and commissioning
  • Technical and operational trainings and knowledge transfer
  • Technical consulting, assistance or supervision
  • System inspection, health-check and preventive maintenance
  • Product diagnostics and repair

News & Articles

Introduction of new Tech-Store Support Web

January 31, 2015

Introductory word about the new support website. Find out our objectives and targeted audience and visitors for the website and its content.

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Customers with SLA

  • Customers with SLA

    Customers with valid SLA contracts can enjoy premium conditions as per their contracts including our ticketing system with credentials issued by us. Using the ticketing system you have overview about all active or past support requests and can follow up with our personnel.

    In case of urgent or other types of issues, you may use specific email address and phone numbers specified in your SLA contract. That all based on mutually agreed terms and conditions and prioritized servicing.

    Click on Read More to see further possibilities coming with the SLA contracts.

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    Customers without SLA

  • Customers without SLA

    All customers without individual valid SLA contracts fall under default or standard SLA terms and conditions specified in document „SUPPORT, MAINTENANCE AND WARRANTY - GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS“ downloadable in our Documents section.

    Please, use our general support email, office phone number or fax number to submit request for support. Our availability and response time follows terms and conditions as in specified document.

    Click on Read More to understand basic scope of SLA services parameters without an individual SLA contract.

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    Support ticket form for customers without SLA contract

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